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Diet? Nutrition? Food? | JP Personal Training Darlington
  • Diet? Nutrition? Food?

    Well welcome to the new website. My first blog/post, is going to be about diet, a lot of my clients always ask me to write them diet/food/nutrition programmes.

    Before I do this I ask them to keep me a food diary for 2 weeks of what times they eat and what they eat.

    Reasons behind this is because I could just go ahead and give them a strict diet programme to follow, but what’s the point in this? They/you are not used to been so strict. So it’s all about steady progression, if you jump in at the deep end you will sicken your self off and give up 5/7 days in of the diet if not before.

    If I help you gradually improve your diet you will remain more focused, motivated & want to improve a lot more. I have done many diets, trying to drop body fat, gain lean muscle mass & a maintaining my weight diet.

    I can say from first hand experience it is hard, it’s a learning curve to find what diet is best for you!

    For me it’s now easy, I weigh all my food, counting the amount of grams of Protein, Carbohydrates & fats. Along with maintaining a healthy amount of water & vitamins along side my diet, I don’t do this because it’s my job, I do this to pass on the benefits of staying healthy, eating clean & living a healthy lifestyle (in the kitchen and in the gym)

    Okay so here goes the so called science behind a diet.

    I know that to maintain my weight I need to consume 3000 calories a day! I do this very easily because I weigh all my food prior to cooking it, measure the weight of all my meats, rice, sweet potato, veg & protein shakes/powder. So if I was wanting to loose weight I would need to create a deficit in my calories. So if I have 5 large sweet potatoes with 5 meals (1 per meal) then I will reduce this by 2 potatoes in 2 of my meals. So now I am in a calorie deficit – see how easy that was?
    It was easy because I weigh my food.

    I would reduce my calories by 200 per day for 2 weeks, if I noticed a drop in weight I would keep this the same for 4 weeks, then after that I might reduce the size of the meat in my meals, if I have 250g of pre cooked chicken I would reduce it to 200g per meal – once again I am creating a calorie deficit – see how easy this was again? Because I am weighing my food it becomes easy to create the deficit. I would do this again for 2/4 weeks to see if I noticed a drop in body weight! This would probably take me to around 2000/2200 calories per day.

    That’s 8 weeks of dieting noticing a different in my body, weight & eating habits. Please don’t think that you will drop massive amounts of weight (Body fat) in 1/2 weeks, it’s all about consistency, maintaining that mental and physical strength to push through the barriers that are put in front of you. This will make you just physically look better, but it will make you mentally stronger by remaining strict with your eating habits.

    I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. If you have any questions please email me at info@jp-personal-training.co.uk – also if you want me to write a certain blog on something your interested in please contact me.

    Have a great day – stay focused.