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Another Client Testimonial | JP Personal Training Darlington
  • Another Client Testimonial

    Another Client Testimonial

    Name – Ryon Dixon
    Age- 32
    Activity Level – Very Active
    Aim – Fat Loss then toning up
    Weight at start – 15st 11lbs.
    Fat % – 29%
    Date – Oct 2013

    Hi my name is Ryon Dixon. I am a very active person, and for the past few years I have played basketball around 3 times per week to a high standard. I never visited a gym during this time with the misconception that lifting weights would affect the muscle memory that I had built up in my basketball skills and was relying on my 3 basketball sessions to keep my fit (each session is 2 hours of cardio). Another misconception of mine was that cardio was the best area for fat burn or fat loss. For the past few years my fat level and shape has consistenly rose, although my general fitness level has always been acceptable, and I was masking my increasing size by just buying bigger clothes, having gone from L/XL to XL/XXL and thinking this was acceptable because of the baggy/basketball trend.
    Deep down my increasing size was playing on my mind and I was finding I was leaving the sports hall just to change my top, I refused to be seen with no top on by my team, and in my office job , where I was required to wear shirts, I was constantly breathing in to keep with my illusion. This affected my confidence, happiness and was forcing me to comfort eat, which obviously didn’t help. In terms of diet, it was none existent. I ate convenience food to fit in with my travelling to and from basketball at often late times, so I would find I was finishing basketball at 9/10pm at night and then eating sandwiches, crisps, and BAGS of chocolate EVERY night and thinking to myself I will burn it off at the next basketball session.
    I thought to myself that I need to start addressing this and joined up at Lifestyle fitness and began hammering the cardio equipment at the gym, no plan or method, just sweat as much as possible and that will sort the flab out, right? Wrong….I never changed my diet and the gains I were seeing were minimal. That is when I seeked help from JP Personal Training.
    Jonathon won me over with his overwhelming desire to help others. Jonathan didn’t strike me as the type that just wanted your cash and was happy to see minimal results. He wanted me to be the best that I could be, cheesey I know, but true. He created me a training and diet plan, offered support at any time of the day, and even trained with me early mornings to help with technique and motivation.
    With JP Training’s guidance and support I have reduced my body fat percentage down from 29% to 13% at the time of writing this (May 2014). I have gone from 15St 11lbs to (currently) 13st 4lbs and I am now at the point that I am seeing top abs coming through! I NEVER once thought it would even be possible to get abs . I just wanted to not be fat anymore, being slim would have been enough.
    It is not just physical appearance that has improved. I feel better all over, mentally I am more happy than ever, I am much more confident, almost everyone has commented on an apparent transformation, and I am confident in now changing my top in front of others.
    The main improvement though has been changing my mindset. I know understand how important diet is, how important portion control is, and eating the right type of food at the right time. Another trait JP has instilled in me is to not give up! I am of the mindset that, yes I have improved, but I can be better. I have achieved my main goals, but as a result of it all, I have set new goals that I am working towards. I want to be in single digits for body fat %. My aim is to do this by July 2014. I will give another progress report then!
    Without JP Personal Training, I dread to think the state I would be in now. It is all thanks to him.